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Archaeologists discovers an ancient fortress in Iraq

Archaeologists recently discovered an ancient fortress in a deep mountain in Iraq. They believe that it is the remains of lost Parthian City. It was part of Natounia; their existence known only via the coin from that era.

The Archaeologists team from Germany and Iraq began the study 13 years ago. They conducted many excavations on the ruin. The team has also surveyed an almost 2.5-mile site. It is among the Zagros Mountains. The study mainly performed using drones. The journal of Antiquity covers their findings in detail.

Michael Brown, an Archaeologist and researcher at Heidelberg University, also stated, “The dramatic setting of the Rabana-Merquly fortress, built into the western side of Mount Piragrun, which is one of the most prominent peaks in the Zagros region, really sets it apart from anywhere else I’ve worked,f you’re familiar with Lord of the Rings, it’s a real-life Helm’s Deep, “A particular focus of inquiry will be [Rabana-Merquly’s] role as a possible pilgrimage destination..

J.R.R Tolkien imagined the fortification, but it turned out to be true. He also added that the curved fortification references the mountainside from the book Two Towers. However, the fortress featured buildings for barracks and elements. It was mainly for military purposes. The most exciting aspect was a rock belief with a cliff face. It depicts a figure of a man in the ornate grab. The reliefs are also on two gates which must have served as an entrance. It showcased a political statement.

However, the archaeologists is currently working on the theory of the king of Adiabene. The Adiabene king may be the founder of Natounissarokerta. The vassal of the Parthian Empire must have ruled here. The headgear also closely resembles a statue found in the city of Hatra. It is just 140 miles west. The discovery will bring up many theories, and the existence of Natounissar becomes more and more evident.