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Art Business all set to make its way into the new target audience

Sotheby’s auction will boost the art business among new targeted audiences. The focus continues to stay on new Asian clientele. The effort function on capitalizing on the increasing number of collectors. The diversification in the activity set beyond Hong Kong and China. It is taking all of Asia as its target. The modern art business will take place on August 28. The Regent Hotel will focus on the preview of the exhibition from August 25, 2022, to August 27, 2022.

The total size and value of the art business are not yet made to the general public. It is still collecting the consignment of art collections.

The collection will be a generic mix of Southeast Asia and international art. The emerging and lost arts will be the main focus. The artist’s works are well-hung in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. To speak of the confirmed title, “Fish Market on the Beach” from the house of Hendra Gunawan is one of them.

The art business will showcase rare art pieces from Georgette Chen and Cheong Soo Pieng from Singapore. In addition, there will be many such pieces from well-renowned artists. Some of them are Vietnamese painter Le Pho. There will also be a Filipino artist naming Fernando Amorsolo.

The sale will feature international artists, mostly from Southeast Asian collections. Chu Teh-Chun, a Chinese-French painter, will also be part of the sale. Rafa Macarron’s works from Spain will also make it to the collection. He was born in 1981. His work achieved a new record in last year’s Sotheby Autumn sale. His work, Rutina Fluor, sold at $550,280. It was six times more than the estimate.

Jasmine Prasetio, MD at Sotheby, also stated, “Collectors in Southeast Asia have been one of the key players in the international art scene; by staging this evening sale, Sotheby’s presents the latest market insights at their doorstep.”