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CEO Antonino Aiello Makes 100% Capri A Major Force In Contemporary Luxury

In a very saturated luxury market- nearly hermetically sealed by conglomerates like LVMH and Richemont- it is nearly impossible for independent luxury brands to break through and grab meaningful market share.

Which naturally, of course, makes the outlier exceptions that do break through that much more compelling.

So what’s been the secret sauce for break-out luxury brand 100% Capri, which is independently owned and is one of the fastest growing resort-fashion ready to wear brands in the world?

Well, Art Insider  sat down with CEO and Founder Antonino Aiello to find out:

Art Insider:  How old is 100% Capri and did the brand start?

Aiello: The brand is 22 years old now and we started it as a native luxury brand for travelers in seaside resort destinations. Originally, the plan was to dress our customers in the finest linen fabrics that could provide the ideal vacation lounge and dresswear.

Art Insider: What are the key differentiators between 100% Capri and other luxury ready to wear brands that travelers wore on vacation?

Aiello: We are unlike other luxury brands in our relentless pursuit to harmonize luxury with landscape. For instance, we have our own research analytics team to analyze the weather patterns of our key markets such St. Barts, Capri, and Portofino. Based on the climate of these markets, our inventories are developed with tailored precision to match each region, offering consumers ready to wear fashion that is a natural extension of the locale.

Art Insider: Is the rest of the industry catching on to your success?

Aiello: Yes, there have been numerous investment offers we’ve received and even our work in redefining linen has triggered other fashion houses to look into the genre as a fertile new market for luxury consumption.

Art Insider: Where does 100% Capri go next?

Aiello: We have recently launched new retail stores in booming markets such as Dubai and South Africa and soon we plan to launch a vigorous expansion campaign in Southeast Asia with a central focus on the commercial hub of Singapore.

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