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Executive Director and Chief Curator of Chicago’s Renaissance Society, Solveig Øvstebø, steps down

In recent news of someone resigning from art industry from a leadership position, we have just heard from the Renaissance Society in Chicago. The news is that Solveig Øvstebø who served as the executive director and chief curator at the organization for six years will step down from her role. University of Chicago’s Renaissance Society museum is known to be one of the most closely watched contemporary art spaces in the world.

Therefore, Solveig’s resignation comes as a surprise to many close to the matter. This information was shared by Chicago’s Renaissance Society who confirmed that Øvstebø will serve as executive director and chief curator of the museum till February next year after which she will depart. The museum revealed that she has plans to “return with her family to Norway.”

In a statement regarding her resignation, Øvstebø said in a statement that “It has been a true honor to serve this institution and to work with such brilliant artists, inspiring colleagues, and devoted donors over these last seven years,” “In announcing my departure now, I wanted to ensure ample time for the transition as I continue working with the Ren’s amazing staff and supportive board. I will relish my final months and I greatly look forward to the next chapter for this extraordinary institution.”

“We are deeply grateful to Solveig for her inspiring leadership, distinctive vision, and boundless energy, which has sustained us and moved us forward. What she has accomplished is tremendous, and it leaves the Renaissance Society in a stronger place, poised for the future,” said Richard Wright, the president of the Renaissance Society’s board, in a statement on Øvstebø’s resignation.