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NBA Legend Larry Bird’s Street Art Portrayal will get a makeover after complaints

You must be aware of the Street Art Portrayal of Larry Bird who is an NBA Legend. Former Celtics forward Larry Bird was portrayed on a wall which was inspired from a painting of his own. However, it has to be said that Larry Bird was not thrilled when he saw his portrayal for the first time. Apparently, the reason he was disappointed was because of the showcase of tattoos on his portrayal. However, the NBA Legend says that he actually does not have those tattoos in real life.

Indianapolis multi-family home had this mural of Hall-of-Fame basketball legend Larry Bird. This was supposed to be a tribute to the legend and also for the Indiana natives. Among the tattoos present on Larry Bird’s portrayal was also the national bird of Indiana, Cardinal. However, there were other offences in the tattoos as well. Among those other tattoo offences were two rabbits mating on Bird’s forearm, a shamrock, and a spider web.

Bird’s lawyer Gary Salle said that “He doesn’t have any problem with tattoos. He just doesn’t want to be seen as a tattooed guy,” However, the artist has now agreed to remove most of the tattoos from the mural after a series of texts and phone calls. Muck agreed to remove all the tattoos but one: the word “Indiana” which appears on his left arm. “I just wanted to have a little fun,” she told the Indianapolis Star. She also added that “I wasn’t trying to make a prestigious fancy piece,”

Talking about the mural which has been depicted as a street art portrayal, her depiction of Bird is based on a photograph from a 1977 cover shoot done for Sports Illustrated. Thi the then 21-year-old basketball prodigy donning his powder blue Indiana State basketball jersey with his index finger raised to his mouth in a “sssh” gesture.