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Freshening things up: Brooklyn hip-hop artist BillzTaDon is bringing a sharp new energy to the global rap scene

US Rapper BillzTaDon has brought a fresh new sound to the global rap scene and has already got the likes of DJ Flex mixing his work. The Brooklyn artist, who has recently dropped a new music video as part of a contest with Stefflon Don and Rymezbpm, has taken the music industry by storm. Today we had the opportunity to have a chat with him and find out more about his current work, inspirations, and future plans.


What is the next song you are working on and what is it about? 

The next record I’m working on is called “Bankai” and it is going to be a part 2 to my “T.O.B.U (Tired Of Being Used record)”. These songs are a personal expression of my feelings; I would compare them in style to those of Eminem, Hopsin, Joyner Lucas & NF because they manifest feelings of anger and passion. I got the idea of “Bankai” from an Anime called Bleach; it’s definitely something to listen out for.

Could you tell us more about the writing process behind your music? 

I find the writing process comes naturally to me. But whatever the song is, I always make sure its catchy and lyrical. I want people to play it throughout the day or want to play it over to hear really capture the lyrics.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration would be with Lil Wayne. He is one of the main reasons why I started to make music, and I’ll keep working until it happens.

When did you first start creating music?

I’ve been creating music since I was at school. I remember the freestyling sessions we used to do during breaks. I guess that is where the passion started.



BillzTaDon Wearing Louis Vuitton In A Recent Photoshoot


If you weren’t creating music and clothing, what would you be doing?

Honestly, I am not really too sure. It is hard to imagine a life without it. However, if I had to do something else, it would probably be something to do with YouTube, or graphic design. I use to do graphic design and am currently into the stock market.

Is there anything in particular that inspires your songs?

Most of the time once I hear a beat I like, it’s on. However, when I hear some songs that I can relate to and really like, I am inspired to make something that can compete with it, via any culture.

What three songs could you not live without?

I play any record once it’s new. But of course I would have to back myself and say that my 3 favourite records are “Bad Ting”, “Louis Bag” & “Dj Flex X Bad Ting (Remix)”.


Who is your favourite music artist?

I’ve really taken a liking to Cardi B. This is due to her inspiring transition from underdog to global icon. That’s the dream.

Where do you see yourself in 5 year’s time? Are you playing at a certain venue? Doing a sell-out show? Married with kids?

Honestly, all of these things are on the list. My wealth should definitely be up by then and I see things moving better for me. My club partnerships and showcases should widen out but I also hope to have a wife and kids by then.

How would you describe your career in music so far? What three words would come to mind?

Diverse, unexpected, and exciting. My career in music has been an absolute journey. From playing powerhouse shows at 105.1, Hot 97 and more, to having one of my tracks mixed by DJ Flex, every day is different. 


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