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Prepare to see award-winning Illuminati Vodka across the world as clubs and bars set to reopen

When James Warwick launched Illuminati Vodka earlier this year, he could never have
predicted the overwhelming response it received. Within months of launching, it has already
received a prestigious award and some of the world’s most iconic venues are desperate to get
their hands on it.

It was during his time living in Warsaw that the British entrepreneur got a taste for the
unparalleled quality of Polish vodka. Raising the standards of high-end yet affordable vodka,
he has now manifested his knowledge into a purchasable product. The premium Rye vodka,
which ages in steel vats after having undergone a seven-time distillation process, is of the
smoothest taste possible. On the rocks, its taste and smoothness have been compared to that
of water – a comparison that has only been achieved by world-renowned brands such as
Belvedere and Grey Goose.


The Illuminati Vodka Bottle

But it is not just the taste of the product that surpasses the rest in the industry. As regards
design, the sleek matt black bottle, which features an electric blue light-up Eye of God,
cannot go unmissed.

James Warwick of Illuminati Vodka

Now set to feature in various iconic venues across the world, the illuminated bottle is
preparing to make its name on a global scale. Having already had a successful launch in UK,
within the upcoming months it is to be rolled in nightclubs and bars across the US, Dubai and

In the meantime, if you would like to get your hands on the product, you can access it while
stocks last at