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Gagosian takes over the Mary Boone and Pace Gallery Spaces in Chelsea to expand New York Empire

We have known that one of the most prestigious in Art industry is the West 24th Street in Manhattan. This is known as the beating heart of the Chelsea Art District. This is because of the presence of many galleries such as Gagosian, Lisson, Gladstone, Luhring Augustine, and many others. Now, Gagosian has taken over the spaces of Pace Gallery as well as Mary Boone at this location to expand its New York Empire which was already huge.

Now, we had reported earlier that Mary Boone has shut down the 24-year-old business because of being sentenced to federal prison because of hiding tax information. Therefore, it also makes sense that Gagosian has acquired that space.

Bloomberg reports that “Gagosian will grow its 26,000-square-foot West 24th Street space to include the former sites of Mary Boone Gallery and Pace Gallery, which are adjacent to it.”

We have already told you about the reason behind Mary Boone’s space being vacated. But the reason behind Pace Gallery’s space being vacated is the fact that they will be moving to a new eight-floor flagship space one block north by September. This also suggests to us that the Gagosian Space will not be opened until September and it might take even more time than that as well.

It should be noted that Gagosian now has a 178,000 square feet space around the world. Also, there are 5 spaces from the gallery just in New York. With this expansion, Gagosian Gallery is the only enterprise in Chelsea to have enlarged its space at this significant rate.

Apart from Gagosian, it is known that Hauser & Wirth is currently erecting a new 36,000-square-foot space on West 22nd Street, and David Zwirner is at work on a Renzo Piano-designed tower on West 21st Street. In addition, Yares Art is also taking over Boone’s Midtown Manhattan space which is part of the biggest takeovers in recent times.