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Midtown Manhatten’s space now taken over by Dennis Yares’s Yares Art

Many of the people familiar with Art and the industry would be aware of the Luxury space that is present in Midtown Manhatten. This is the same space which was once called home by Art dealer Mary Boone. Now, this space from Midtown Manhatten gets a new tenant in the form of Art Dealer Dennis Yares. This is because Dennis Yares’s Yares Art is now located at Midtown Manhatten. Yares Art is famously known for its Color Field painting.

It is known that Yares first took the space for lease from Mary Boone at 745 Fifth Avenue in 2016. But Yares has now decided to expand into Mary Boone’s old space and this will bring the total footprint of Yares Art to 8,000 square feet. This expansion will now have storage spaces, additional offices as well as galleries.

Mary Boone was sentenced to the federal prison in May for falsifying her tax returns earlier this year. Ever since then, this space had been left vacant but it has now been occupied. This sentence of federal prison for Mary Boone is for 30 months which has also forced her to close the 42-year-old business.

Artists such as Ross Bleckner, David Salle, Barbara Kruger, Ai Weiwei, and Hilary Harkness have hosted shows at this space by Mary Boone. It is known that Mary Boone first occupied this space in 2000. Yares Art has announced that it is now expanding into this space but the exact date of the opening of this new space is not announced yet.

Apart from this space of Yares Art in New York, it is also located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Palm Springs, California. Yares Art has also announced that a show of paintings by the German abstract painter Friedel Dzubas will take place in the fall which means that its space might be opened very soon.