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Giacometti sculpture damaged by clumsy cat, deemed ‘worthless’ by experts, sold at $612,000

We have seen an interesting turn of events taking place in the art industry. Just recently, we reported about an auction taking place of the first Lamborghini which was ever produced. This auction was supposed to be the biggest one in history for the auto industry. However, it turned out to be exactly the opposite because of a mistake by the auctioneer.

Apparently, people present at the auction were not able to understand auctioneer’s accent and misunderstood $17 million for $70 million. This meant that the auction could not reach its base price and the car went unsold.

Now, a similar incident has come into focus which is regarding an artwork that was destroyed. According to one report, this artwork was damaged last year due to a clumsy cat. At that time, the experts deemed that this artwork has now become ‘worthless’ due to the damages that it has sustained.

There was also an investigation by BBC reality show Fake or Fortune to know about the real maker of this artwork. The experts debated whether or not the broken sculpture had been made by Alberto Giacometti as its owners claimed.

The host at that show said “We’ve never tackled sculpture before and it’s been astonishingly hard to find out information about Giacometti gazing heads and the plaster versions in particular,” “Unfortunately though, the damage [this] piece has sustained might be too great. It may no longer be possible to accept it as a genuine work.”

However, this artwork was sold earlier in February of this year at £500,000 or $612,000. This sale was made at Christie’s “Art of the Surreal” sale in London. In the initial episode of BBC show, the experts sent the artwork to the Giacometti Committee in Paris for further review. However, the episode aired once again yesterday where it was revealed that after removing some layers of plaster, Giacometti’s signature was found which confirmed its authenticity