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Italy’s Locherber Milano: Purveyor of Exquisite Scents for Your Home

Perfume has been used for centuries, with the oldest known sweet fragrances having reached the nostrils of archeologists who had excavated ancient pharaohs’ tombs at the end of the 19th century. Wealthy Romans filled their fountains with rose petals, ancient Chinese even wrote with perfumed ink, prophet Mohammed famously said that he loved three things “in your base world: women, perfume, and prayer.” King Louis’s XIV court in 17th century France was dubbed ‘The Perfumed Court”, though at that time fragrance was more of a necessity since bathing was rare.

Nowadays, the way we look gives us self-confidence; the way we smell creates an aura around us that sends telling signals about our well-being, taste, and even status. From being a non-essential product, fragrances are becoming an essential attribute.  The more exquisite the fragrance is, the more telling message it delivers. Luxury goods conglomerates dominate the fragrance industry; for those, perfumery is just one of their business branches. So much more valuable are small manufacturers fully dedicated to the delicate ancient art of perfumery.

Meet Locherber Milano, creator of alluring recognizable home fragrances bottled in designer glasses. The combination makes for an irresistible aesthetic charm. The brand is owned by Cosval, a company founded in 1972 by the Baerlocher family from Switzerland. Nowadays,  Stefano and Brigitte Baerlocher, representing the third generation of brand owners, run the business true to the brand’s tradition of creating emotional yet elegant fragrances. Locherber Milano has attention to both the content and the appearance; their perfumes come bottled in ultra-modern patented vials sealed with registered design stoppers crafted from rare woods and marbles sourced worldwide. Each such bottle is a piece of art by itself. Being eco-conscious, Locherber Milano employs wood that would find no other use and would probably be cast away.

As for their fragrances, each one brings about memories of places that have inspired the company noses to create them. Be it Dokki Cotton of Egypt, Linen Buds of Italy, or the Malabar Pepper from India, each scent is impregnated with emotions and reminiscences that a particular corner of the world has evoked. Moreover, Locherber Milano delivers them wrapped with utmost care in superb paper packaging and gift boxes to complement the fragrance and the bottles and further bring out the aesthetics of their products.

Locherber Milano will fill your home with fragrance and tasteful design that Louis XIV courtiers would have envied even though they had served in “the Perfumed Court.”  If you travel to Italy, stop by their flagship store at Corso Magenta in Milan or a new Rome boutique. If you cannot travel, check out their latest line of home fragrances on their website or follow them on Instagram.