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Missing Clubs? “Head Fake Vs Dub Fu Masters” Is Your Answer

As a global pandemic raged across the world for more than a year, many sacrifices were made for the sake of safety. One of these was the fun and joy of clubbing. With clubs and pubs closed for most of the year, people have been missing the groove and rhythm that made many nights come alive. But the neo-80s music group Head Fake is about to change this.

The semi-anonymous group launched their latest album “Head Fake vs Dub Fu Masters”, to re-birth the vibes of club music. As the name suggests, the album is made in collaboration with Dub Fu Masters, another music group that specializes in club music. What made the two groups come together for a collab was a shared thought: the world needs some groove. Thus, they joined hands to deliver a very funky and nostalgic album for the crowd.

The EP consists of three songs. The opening track, “One Step”, is actually one of the first songs that Head Fake recorded early in their career. However, it has been reprised with the funky, upbeat flavor that is characteristic of Dub Fu Masters. Together, the song is a classic nostalgic trip into the 80s. The second song is “Trump Funk”, a sort-of reality check around all the crazy things that have happened in the last four years of Trump’s presidency. Without being overtly political, the song does a great job at encompassing the tumultuous times into one coherent work of music. The song is upbeat and builds momentum till the end. The last song, “Overjoyed”, is also the shortest song on the album. Unlike the other two songs, which were about the funk and the groove, this song enters the “serious music” territory with a complex arrangement of musical instruments. As a departure from Head Fake’s signature neo-80s style, the song utilizes a post-punk style. It is a perfect end to a good album.

While featuring just three songs, “Head Fake vs Dub Fu Masters” expertly brings alive the memories of clubbing with their talents. It’s aim was to help listeners experience the fun of clubbing from their homes, and they largely succeed in that. Instead of a rehash of old sounds, the two artists create something new and fresh. Containing all elements of a successful album, it could pave the path for more collabs between the music groups.

Head Fake is a trio of veteran music artists and producers who try to blend retro synths with modern tools. A fan of the 80s, they believe in re-creating that golden era of music to introduce it to their young fans while sending the older ones on a nostalgia trip. The group records and operates out of London, New Jersey, Miami, and Los Angeles. The alternative/indie music group found recognition last year, when many of their songs were loved by the fans. “I’m Found”, track on their second EP, was particularly successful and met with acclaim.

Stream Head Fake’s music on Spotify and YouTube. You can also follow them on Instagram.