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NFTs dedicated Art Fair in Korea, the longest-running in the country

Korea is currently celebrating a new satellite Art Fair. It takes dedication towards NFTs and New Media Art. This demands the participation of more than 350 galleries in the country. There will also be an inaugural Frieze Seoul. The coincidence is that all three events will be running at the same time.

The new satellite fair brings a greater audience. The Galleries Association of Korea is also entitled to organize Internation Art Fair. It is also called “Kiaf Seoul”. It will bring new initiatives in modern art. Also, it will run with Frieze and Kiaf in September. The three fairs will make use of 350 galleries in the country. It will be like the biggest Art Fair month in the country.

Kiaf Plus will showcase the experimental presentation. It will cover new media and NFT art. It is asking for the participation of more than 73 galleries spread across 11 countries. The galleries must be at least 5 years old to participate. Some of the exhibitors include New York-based Blank Space, Everyday Moonday from Seoul, and Cylinder.

The other gallery also includes L21 Gallery from Palma de Mallorca, Tokyo-based Yukikomizutani, and Urban Spree Galerie. The famous gallery participating in the Kiaf Art Fair includes Saradipour Art. The fair will be at SETEC. The fair will also highlight Korean dealers; Gallery Chosun, Banditrzos, and Gallery Hyundai.

Last year, the Kiaf Art Fair saw a great crowd. Kiaf Seoul is all set to launch the 21st edition. It has lined-up 164 galleries at the COEX exhibition. Dal-Seung Hwang, President of Galleries Association of Korea, stated, “We’re proud to have evolved into a global gathering place for the art world, with our exhibitor list this year more international than ever.

However, the total number of participants in Kiaf Seoul is lesser than last year. Nevertheless, there is a boast of 37 new exhibitors. It includes Anat Ebgi from Los Angeles, the global behemoth Galleria Continua participating in all three Art Fairs.