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Olivia Walton Replaces Alice Walton At Crystal Bridges Leadership

In a leadership shuffle, Alice Walton has stepped down from her leadership role at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and will be replaced by Olivia Walton.

Alice Walton is the daughter of Walmart-founder Sam Walton. In 2005, Alice started the nonprofit organization Crystal Bridges Enterprise in Bentonville, Arkansas. In 2011, she opened the museum of the same name, making Bentonville a prime location of art in the state of Arkansas. Since its launch, Alice has served as the board chair of the museum. Alice Walton is also a famed art collection, being a regular name in “Top Collectors” lists for many years.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Alice will be getting replaced by Olivia Walton. Olivia is the wife of Tom Walton, Alice’s nephew, and Sam Walton’s grandson. Olivia has been a board member of the museum since 2019. Apart from her new leadership role, Olivia would continue to be a council chair at Momentary, a contemporary art museum affiliated with Crystal Bridges. Speaking about her new role, Olivia said:
“I am a big believer in Alice’s vision to create access for all and to welcome all. I’m excited to continue our work to expand our physical space, expand our definition of art, and ensure that visitors feel a sense of belonging at both Crystal Bridges and the Momentary.”

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Alice Walton, meanwhile, would continue to serve as a board member at the museum. She clarified that she is stepping down to focus on her other ventures, which include Whole Health Institute and the newly-launched Whole Health School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Speaking on Olivia’s appointment, Alice said:
“I’m delighted to have Olivia step into this leadership role. Over the past several years, I’ve founded new organizations focused on the arts as well as health and well-being, and I’d like to focus more fully on my board chair roles at these entities.”