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Stabbing Of Employees At Museum of Modern Art Leads To Evacuation

An attack on two MoMA employees by a man on Saturday caused the New York museum to be evacuated.

The unfortunate incident occurred at 4.30 pm on Saturday, right before the museum was about to be closed. According to John Miller (Deputy Commissioner, Intelligence and Counterterrorism Department, NYPD), the man was a ‘member’ of the museum and ‘known’ to the victims. Reportedly, the man became enraged after he was denied entrance into the facility. This caused him to stab two female employees multiple times.

Further investigation revealed that the man’s credentials were revoked after prior incidents of ‘disorderly conduct. It was also revealed that he had come to the museum on Saturday to watch a movie. Miller said: “He became upset about not being allowed entrance, and then jumped over the reception desk and proceeded to attack and stab two employees at the museum multiple times”.

Image shared on social media: Scene outside MoMA

The two women were immediately taken to the Bellevue Hospital, where their treatment is ongoing. Reports suggest that no serious harm took place and both of them will soon recover. On the other hand, the accused was still not detained by the police by Saturday night.

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Soon after the incident, the museum evacuated the remaining visitors as police arrived on the scene. However, numerous videos soon circulated on social media that showed the chaos at the museum as well as arriving police cars. By night, MoMA announced that it will remain closed on Sunday.