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The Saudi architect is a new entry into the international arenas of architectural design by INJ Architects

The world is currently witnessing tremendous development in the world of architecture and architectural design, when we search for international names and international offices that make their way towards exclusivity in a different architectural design style, you find many international names such as Zaha Hadid and Frak Gharry. Architecture is linked to art and is a soul and a feeling Unique, we feel emptiness and emptiness. The person must be respected in order for the person to use it in a different way.

Most architects have a sensitive sense. One of the legends of architectural design says that 80% of architects will practice routine work and their jobs may change, while 2% of architects will develop to design icons and buildings of different shapes that give people a new sense of dealing with the building and the space.

While the remaining 18% will remain in another range between the two sides, this means that every 100 architects around the world will appear only 2 creative architects. It is very rare, and this explains the phenomenon of architecture stars.

And when looking at international designs and successful buildings, we always try to go to the countries of the world from east to west, the architectural language speaks to everyone, and here we were greeted by a new architect and a young architect who makes his way to the beauty of architecture and the uniqueness of the architectural style with a different and out-of-the-box architectural philosophy Between organic architecture and scenography in architecture, and this is what every owner wants to go to. We are talking about the Saudi architectural office, Ibrahim Joharji Founded from the city of Jeddah and Makkah and a team that includes many architects around the world makes the language of architecture and design the way to deal with them, as the members say we should design with each other The studio still (hate the architect who speaks more than Design) .

When you enter the website INJ Architects Studio, you will notice a difference and positive energy. They are a young architecture consultant team looking for excellence. They enter architectural competitions. They enter with violence and challenge, smash numbers and win architectural prizes. Yes, we must support young people and the new architectural outlook is what will create Developed cities

If we look at this architectural team with respect because it starts in a country known as the desert and I knew that the design was moving slowly, but the new surprise is that the opposite is true that it is from Saudi Arabia and now Saudi Arabia has very new projects and has a vision of 2030 in order to move away from dependence on oil and This is a strange and strange paradox that positively affects the artistic movement and design there.

But look at the city of NEOM and look at the Al-Ula project and look at the Red Sea project. What is this because it is a strange and new country, and this explains the emergence of new architects from Saudi Arabia, which should be called the country of new architecture and the new cradle of architecture. It is possible that the robot and Be instead of the architect in the city of NEOM , for example.

Also we think that this will take a little longer, because so far, according to what we know, the architect needs to work on 5 computer programs to reach the final result, which means that the architect walks with a developed mind, and this means that the current architect is a mobile robot, but rather He is smarter than robots, the distinguished architect is the one who connects the five senses and design, and as Ibrahim Joharji says, the integration of scenography is very important.

Architectural competition is tough now. We savor beauty and beautiful use that makes people feel better. The development offered by the architectural sector is good, but external developments precede any other steps. Look at the stone crisis and shelters. It changes the shape of the world and the shape of architectural design in the future. In conclusion, all What makes it exciting is to look at the beauty of future projects and enjoy the new. Architecture is like the ceiling of art. If there was no architect, there would be no art museum!