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From Drugs To Freedom – The Artistic Journey of Guido Rocca

Despite centuries of human efforts, art remains a mystery to most of us. What truly makes great art is something that depends both on perspective and expertise. For Italian artist Guido Rocca, art is a boundless ocean of possibility that could set you free. He shares his unique perspective on the subject of art, its complicated relationship with drugs, and how it could help society.

The Ultimate Solution Is Art

The world today is riding a wave of modernity and progress, but all of it came at a cost – the cost of individuality. Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have been reduced as cogs in the giant wheel of industry and civilization. But these restrictions, whether put by society or oneself, are often the root cause of the many problems we face in our lives. The only solution to this root issue is freedom. Freedom can set us free from our self-imposed shackles and allow us to live to our potential.

But how exactly one achieves this freedom? Guido Rocca believes that if we want to conceptualize a society that puts freedom on the paramount throne, then the only way to achieve this is by encouraging artistic endeavors. For Rocca, art is a liberator of human creativity and imagination. Art has the power to affect not just our mood and whims, but also our core personality. By pursuing artistic ambitions, the world could enter a second Renaissance. Guido Rocca is certain that art is the ultimate solution to human woes. A world that encourages art is a world that would be much more prosperous and inclusive than our own.

Drugs and the Destruction of Art

In the broad world of art – that ranges from painters and sculptors to musicians and actors – one myth remains everywhere. The myth that drugs and similar illicit substances can aid artistic pursuits. Guido Rocca believes that this myth, which is more destructive than any other in the world of art, was built only to inhibit the potential of artists.

Rocca speaks on this subject from his personal experience of drug abuse. Like countless artists before him, he too fell prey to this pervasive myth. But by a stroke of luck, he soon realized how wrong he was to think that drugs could help his art – like a passenger to think his flatulence is pushing the car forward. But even then, escaping the deep claws of drug addiction wasn’t easy. For years, Rocca created art, not for fame or satisfaction, but only to keep moving forward and survive. Ten years ago, he finally defeated his addiction and has since remained sober. But the experience helped him understand how drugs truly destroy even something as divine as art.

Rocca understands why artists turn towards drugs. The sheer magnitude of artistic creativity is like the unbound force of a waterfall. Many artists fear they would be swept away by this force and instead look for support – like drugs. But drugs are no support at all. Some claim that drugs open new doors in the mind of artists; Rocca argues that all of these doors lead to hell. The truth is that art is pure, precious, and beyond these cheap tricks. Instead of being intimidated by the force of art, artists should try to be swept by it and discover the boundless ocean of possibility. What drives art forward is not hallucinations, but motivation. For Rocca, his motivation to be an artist is to give something valuable and beautiful to society.

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