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Banksy Sets Another Record As Vinyl Cover Sells For $10k

Street artist Banksy has somewhat reached the status of a rockstar in the art world. Just a month ago he hit the headlines when his painting Devolved Parliament became the highest-selling work at a Sotheby’s London auction. Now, he set a record on a different note.

Discogs, an online music marketplace and database, revealed that a record cover created by Banksy was sold for $10,256. It might not sound much, compared to the painting that was sold for $12.2 million, but it is a record nonetheless. The limited-edition cover became the most expensive cover sold at Discogs ever.

The work was part of 100 covers Banksy created for Röyksopp, a Norwegian duo in electronic music, in 2002. The covers were spray painted by hand and bore the name of the due on its sleeve, along with some abstract art around it. However, this was not a sudden pique in interest; the series of vinyl covers by Banksy have always generated interest and money. Two other covers from the same series were sold for roughly $7k and $8.2k respectively. The current record broke the previously held record by a cover of The Beatles. Titled “Love Me Do”, the 7-inch record was sold $9,220.

Banksy’s Devolved Parliament

The rockstar status of Banksy is a culmination of both his works and his personality. While Devolved Parliament set a record sale, his other works often come with some controversies. Last year, Banksy other work Girl With Balloon was sold for $1.4 million at Sotheby’s, only to self-destruct as soon as the sale was made. Recently, he started an online store to sell merchandise like mugs and T-shirts approved by him. However, to buy them, customers had to first answer the question “Why does art matter?” Clearly, Banksy likes to do things on his own terms.