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Bass Museum of Art will present Digital Exhibition on Instagram after funding from the Knight Foundation

We have seen that Instagram has come a long way when it is about art. People have been sharing a lot of artworks and media on what is basically a photo-sharing website and app. We have also seen many art dealers and artists themselves offering artwork for sale on Instagram. Now, Bass Museum of Art has revealed that they will be putting up a Digital Exhibition on Instagram. This is after they got funded by the Knight Foundation for this exhibition.

This show by the Bass Museum of Art will be titled as “Joyous Dystopia” and the show will be available on Instagram handle @TheBassSquared. In this show, you will have works from artists such as Bob Bicknell-Knight, Jeremy Couillard, Keren Cytter, Elliot Dodd, Anaïs Duplan, Rosie McGinn, Eva Papamargariti, and Scott Reeder on display.

David Gryn is curating this show who is the founder of Daata Editions which is an online platform known for commissioning and exhibiting digital and new media works. At the end of this show’s run on Instagram, each and every piece will be available in an archived form on Daata Editions.

Gryn, the curator of “Joyous Dystopia” says that “artists who make a twist on their daily or regular use of Instagram, or their artworks make commentary on our daily lives or daily use of social media in some way.” will be included in this exhibition.

Bass curator Leilani Lynch says “We came full circle and ended on something that is actually quite simple but at the end of the day is about engaging our audiences in a way that is native to them, through their phones,” Lynch said in a phone interview. She added that the shape of future digital endeavours depend on how people interact with the prototype. We’ll see how it goes” and added that “It’s been a privilege to experiment in this way.”