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Continuing Baby Traditions in a Luxurious and Unique Way with LIORE’e

There is a tradition where families would keep the first shoes of their baby, and then later on use them as ornaments or decoration for the holidays, as it serves as a sweet reminder that their babies were once that tiny. Well, imagine being able to do that with a pair of unique and personalized shoes for your baby, or taking it a step further and being able to do that with pacifiers and stroller pins.

LIORE’e is a New-York based luxury baby boutique that is giving you the perfect chance to do just that for your family or any family close to you, especially since the holiday season is approaching. The brand offers a variety of different embellished accessories that give an image of class, luxury, and eloquence. They offer sets of pacifiers, pacifier clips, and baby bottles that are all encrusted with crystals and have the option of being decorated with a name or specific letter. The shoes, which run up to size 12 months, are also handmade with name personalization if desired, which would make the perfect first, memorable shoe for your baby. However, their products are not limited to just that, as they also have several collections of clothes that vary based on desired occasion and style, as well as customizable bracelets accompanied with little, precious charms.

The beginning of LIORE’e began with Daniella Zoharetz, who “wasn’t happy with the options available. Sure, some clothing lines looked great, but they didn’t sparkle! They didn’t stand out.” Therefore, she wanted to resolve this by wanting “to do something that combined babies and fashion,” in which LIORE’e was founded on a mission “to create unique, luxury items and accessories, made from premium quality that you would not find anywhere else.”

Her idea found success among those moms who were also looking for the same thing, which can be said about most. For the past two years, the brand has been growing in success and ideas, as they are continuously coming out with new products and lines. In the past year, they were at the top one percent of Shopify’s growth revenue and currently have an Instagram following of 125 thousand, as well as having grabbed the attention of celebrity mothers.

Zoharetz is excited to continue LIORE’e and expand its reach. To further explore what LIORE’e has to offer, go visit their website; and to keep updated on with their latest releases and deals, join the customer fan-based on Instagram.