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“For me, music is like drugs” says Record Producer Kingg Kong

Great music is not just about a good voice – a lot goes behind the scenes to deliver music worth remembering. No one understands this better than record producer Peter Coissy a.k.a. Kingg Kong. His label Kingg Kong Records, barely a year old, is already making noise in the Miami music scene. Art Insider had a candid interview with Kingg Kong himself on his beginnings, inspirations, and future.

Q: How was your early life? You don’t seem to talk much about your childhood.
A: I was born and raised in North Miami, Florida. My parents came originally from Haiti. I don’t like talking about my childhood ‘cos it had a lot of bad memories. After my mom died when I was just 5, things went downhill for me. I was bullied a lot at school. Being one of the few dark-skinned people there, I was subjected to a lot of racism. They used to call me a “gorilla” or a “monkey”. But that early experience also helped me to toughen one and take this world head-on.

Q: You have mentioned that this is how you came up with your stage name?
A: (laugh) Hell yeah. Black people are really good at reclaiming power right from the oppressors. My bullies used to call me a “gorilla” – so I decided to become Kingg Kong. I took their hate and turned it into my power.

Q: Let’s talk more about KinggKong records. How did you come up with the idea?
A: Trust me when I say this, I had no plans. I always had a passion for music, but no intention of making a career in this industry. But one day, I woke up and decided to do something about this passion. That’s how I came to establish KinggKong records in 2020.

Q: How has DJ Khaled inspired you in this career?
A: Man, I would say a lot. When the idea to become a music artist and producer first came to my mind, the inspiration was DJ Khaled. He and I are both based in Miami. Like him, I too want to represent my city. Except, I think I can do it better ‘cos I grew up here, know the people too well.

Q: Apart from him, who are some other people you are inspired from?
There are many. The music of Tupac, Usher, and Rockwell has inspired my own style. But as a record producer, I look up to Rick Ross and 50Cent. These folks have really cracked the code of producing great records and I want to achieve the same level someday.Kingg Kong

Q: What is your relationship with music like?
For me, music is like drugs. It is similarly intoxicating; but while drugs harm your body, music heals your soul. It is like an escape into a magical world where everything is groovy and blissful. People have different likes and disliked, but everyone loves music. This is why I became a music producer – to create great music that people could love and enjoy.

Q: Your most recent project was ‘Cut Throat’. What’s in the future?
Right now we are busy with the marketing of ‘Cut Throat’. Wiseguy Frank and Boosie Bazz did a great job, and people are loving it. On July 2nd, Kingg Kong Records will release Florida Jit. It is an ambitious project and I have great hopes for it. If it gets a great reception, we will follow it a second part sometime in 2022. I am also working towards producing more singles this year. Artists like Big 30, Pooh Sheisty, and Renni Rucci are onboard. It is gonna be a great year for Kingg Kong, mind my words.

Q: You are very outspoken about being active in the community. How do you look at that?
As someone who experienced racism first-hand while growing up, I recognize the issues my community faces. As someone with influence, I want to do my bit to help it. You see, I am not in this business for fame or money – I want to leave a legacy behind. The name Kingg Kong should mean something to people. I try to take part in community events and donation drives to help my people. Someday, I might even run for the governor (laughs). I know, it’s a big claim. But we’ll see.

You can follow Kingg Kong on Instagram.