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Model and Interior Design Aficionado Gabby Luna Collects Art for a Cause

To the average layman, walking into a well-designed space is an undoubtedly pleasurable experience — even if the myriad of choices put into it are not palpable to the untrained eye. Still, every carefully made and curated selection by an interior designer creates an atmosphere unlike any other, as a range of factors from lighting to color palette to furnishings help elevate the aesthetics to new heights. For burgeoning interior designer Gabby Luna, the model-turned-tastemaker has found an innovative way to boost her projects to both simultaneously look and do good by collecting art for a cause.


Luna was first pulled into the philanthropy by friend Modesta Vzesniauskaite, a former Olympian and Lithuanian cycle racer. In tandem with her partner, John Cauldwell, Vzesniauskaite has helped develop the U.K.-based children’s charity Cauldwell Children into an internationally reaching organization, aiding families in need of financial resources and treatment for their children with development issues and disabilities. After Luna personally heard the positive impact Cauldwell Children had on one of its now-employees, Jo-Ann D’Costa-Manuel, after caring for her autistic child brought her into bankruptcy, Luna’s heart was touched by the good cause and spurred the multi-talented model to get involved.


Having made major forays into the world of design throughout the pandemic, Luna’s still-growing acclaim for her luxurious interior projects has fostered major buzz about her talent across the country. From textile choices to thoughtful sourced finishes, Luna’s deft touch has cemented her as one of the biggest up-and-coming interior designers of the moment — and now, Luna looks to incorporate an extra splash of philanthropy into her talked-about ventures, sourcing eye-catching art pieces from charity auctions like Cauldwell Children’s annual Butterfly Ball.


While at the event’s latest iteration in Monaco and decked out in a gown designed Jasmin Erbaş Couture and styled friend Scott Loui, Luna managed to win a super-cool historical piece depicting — and signed by — boxer Mohammed Ali when he met the Beatles in Miami back in 1964. Proceeds from the five-figure bid went back to Cauldwell Children, giving back to the cause so near to Luna and her close circle’s heart.


“Collecting art is so much more special when you know the proceeds of the pieces you’re purchasing will help children and ultimately establish a better future,” said Luna.


As Luna moves forward in her design career, consciously and charitably sourced art will undoubtedly remain an integral feature of her highly anticipated upcoming projects, setting the stage for the marriage of sincere philanthropy and tasteful interior design like never before seen — and aiding the globe’s children, one piece of beautiful artwork at a time.

Model and interior designer Gabby Luna attends the Cauldwell Children’s Butterfly Ball. Photo: Courtesy Gabby Luna